Sunday, April 13, 2014

Come Out to Bacon's Castle!

Yesterday, Mike, Nicole, and I did some filming for Bacon's Castle. It was so fun! Mike played my jilted suitor and got to ride a horse, and Nicole drove us in a 1930s truck. We'll be doing more next week, too!

I want to invite y'all to the 18th century cricket match at Bacon's Castle on May 3rd. It's a great excuse to come out in 18th century clothes at a beautiful historic site and see some handsome guys run around in breeches. ;-) And you get to go on a ferry!

Event info:

Bacon's Castle:

Here's a couple pics Nicole took throughout the day. She made a stunning 1670s gown that I know you will love when she posts about it!



Gina said...

Oh what fun pictures and it sounds like the upcoming event is going to be waaaay fun! I am jealous!


Helen said...

I love love love Mike's look in the final photo!