Friday, August 9, 2013


Sorry for the radio silence, but my life has been totally crazy and awesome as I was getting married, travelling across the country, having a second reception, and then road-tripping it to our new home in Williamsburg. I am loving everyone's Costume College pictures and really wishing I had been able to go this year, but getting married was pretty cool too. :)

In a word, the wedding was PERFECT. It was everything I wanted it to be, which is basically a Pinterest wedding. ;-) My mom totally gets all the credit for the amazing details, I just had the vision. The icing on the cake was our absolutely incredible, too-talented-for-words photographer Allie Lindsey, who captured the big day in precisely the way I had been seeing it in my head. Plus she was just awesome to work with and made me feel so comfortable!

And no, I never ended up making the spangle wedding gown. I had a good cry over the countless hours I spent putting the spangles on, but I honestly love my DB wedding gown SO MUCH and had absolutely no stress once I decided to give up on the spangle dress, that it was totally worth it. I regret nothing!

There were a couple small adventures, one of which includes blood streaming down my leg during our first look, and my shoes going missing, but they made the day all the more memorable (and I have great stories to tell!).

I'll let Allie's amazing pictures do the talking. I've posted some of my favorites (because really, I love every picture!), and you can see the rest of the sneak peak batch at her Facebook page. We'll get the official, edited pictures in about 4-5 weeks. :)


Here are some more pictures from my bridesmaids!