Sunday, January 17, 2016

Winter Wonderland!

It snowed today!!

I dragged my poor, sick husband outside to take pictures for me before the snowflakes stopped coming down. I really owe him one! But he's been sleeping all day and hasn't had an appetite, so I think the best I can do is let him continue to sleep... I did scrub down the kitchen and the bathrooms, though, so maybe that will be a nice surprise when he gets up!

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Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Sewing Year in Review

I initially thought 2015 wasn't going to have been a very productive year for me, since I couldn't sew for three months because of my wrist. But I still did a lot! And now I know how to do more machine techniques, which has been very helpful when I can't hand sew.

  1. Pink silk and fox fur pelisse, c. 1815--probably my favorite garment I made this year, if not ever! It's so luxurious... 
  2. Lining and trimming my hat (see above)
  3. Lace chemisette (see above)
  4. A pink silk and spangles reticule
  5. 1916 "Russian" suit 
  6. 1916 corset (see above)
  7. 1916 chemise (no pictures)
  8. 1916 blouse (also no pictures!)
  9. A Kirtle Dirndl
  10. A 16th-17th Century Petticoat
  11. Oriental 1860s Fancy Dress
  12. A Late Period Ruff
  13. A 16th-17th Century Waistcoat
  14. A 16th-17th Century Partlet (see above)
  15. A 16th-17th Century Coif and Forehead Cloth (see above)
  16. A 16th-17th Century Apron (see above)
  17. A Bonnet, c. 1842
  18. Teslacon Western Outfit
  19. Teslacon Wednesday Addam's Dress (needs pictures!)
  20. Halloween Dirndl (needs pictures!)
  21. Not-a-GOT Bridesmaid Dress (waiting for professional wedding pics...)
2016 is looking to be a very fun year! The biggest thing on my calendar is the 17th Century clothing conference I have been organizing at work, which is bringing together some of the top names from the period including the Tudor Tailor! I can't wait to start my outfit for this, and I'll probably be wearing it to Costume College (for the Gala?). But I'm SO excited to go to Costume College this year and see so many of you! I'm very much an introvert, so I may be too shy to come right up to you and say hi... but please don't be afraid to say hi to me!

My first big event, though, is a Civil War event in March at which I'll be presenting on mourning clothing. I have a lot that I want to do for that... but I may have to stick to wearing my old undergarments and only finishing the dresses (two of which are half done...). 

2016 Plans:
  1. Finish 1860s half-mourning cotton print dress
  2. Finish remaking 1860s half-mourning silk dress
  3. New 1860s full mourning dress
  4. Re-cover 1860s full mourning bonnet
  5. Make up Needle and Thread cage crinoline
  6. New 1860s petticoat
  7. New 1860s chemise and drawers
  8. Black velvet spencer and bonnet
  9. Finish black silk cloak and hat (1770s)
  10. 1610s silk damask gown
  11. 1610s lace ruff and cuffs
  12. 1610s pair of bodies
  13. Finish green wool 1840s
That will keep me very busy until Costume College! The last half of the year I haven't even started to think about! Better to see where the year takes me... :)

I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I sincerely hope your 2016 is wonderful!