Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Rumor in St. Petersburg

This outfit is rather a comedy of errors...

A couple months ago I got the insane idea that I needed a WWI-era outfit for Military Through the Ages this year. It didn't help that Nicole was all for it! Even though I should have been using the time to thoughtfully finish my Felicity sack gown for the Francaise Dinner, I went whole hog and started from undergarments out.

I made an envelope chemise (no pictures, sorry...) and a corset, based on the 1917 pattern in Jill Salen's "Corsets." Unfortunately I got overzealous in taking it in because my mockup of the pattern straight from the book was too big, and the corset ended up a tad small. Still wearable, but I also got the stomach flu days before the event (more on that later...) so I actually decided not to wear it because I was still recovering when Nicole and I went to MTA that Sunday.

I bought a reprint of an original pattern and had perfect fabric in the stash for a darling dress. And then it snowed like CRAZY and I was terrified of being cold, so I begged Michael to give me some wool plush from his stash so I could make a nice warm suit instead. He conceded, and I drafted my own pattern for a 1916 skirt and "Russian" or "cossack" coat, although Michael kindly did the sleeves for me as the deadline drew ever nearer.

Things were going well until I got the stomach flu, at which point all bets were off. But after getting some amazing  anti-nausea medication, I jumped back in the game with two days left. As a result, the finishing is rushed and there are things I want to finish properly before wearing this again. There are no pictures of the blouse that is under the coat because it has no buttons!

I wanted more than just to be a WWI civilian, so I decided to add "suffragette" to the impression. I designed and ordered "Votes for Women" buttons to hand out, and Michael hand lettered my "Votes for Women" sash (bless him!).

And as for the title of this point, I realized my outfit bore a resemblance to 1997 Anastasia... ;-)

Here are some pictures!

A couple that Angela took: