Monday, September 16, 2013

My Own Meringue Hat

Hello everyone! Again, sorry things have been so quiet... Newlywed life has been so busy! But I finally got to do some sewing in the form of a hat to wear with my white silk gown on a recent trip to the Mount Vernon Market Fair. It is very similar to the hat that I wore with the gown last time, which matched so perfectly that I knew I needed one of my own.

It's just a straw hat covered with silk taffeta leftover from the gown, and copious amounts of silk gauze. The trim and ties are icy blue silk taffeta.

We had a great time at the Market Fair, too! I came away with beautiful earrings and matching pendant from Kimberly Walters.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Caturday!

Meet our new little kitten, Calimanco! Now I'm a real costumer, complete with cat. :)

She is an adorable little monster, and Michael and I really enjoy her antics. She's also a great cuddler and the loudest purrer ever!

I know things have been really quiet over here, but I should have a few new 18th century projects to share soon. Life has been CRAY-ZEE since getting married and moving to Williamsburg, and I have had absolutely no time to sew (or write thank-you notes for that matter... yikes!).