Tuesday, October 28, 2014

...and then we bought a house!

This has been our big secret for the past few months. We never dreamed of buying a house so soon, but we have been very blessed. The house is perfect for us in size and location, and has all the charm that we were looking for, being an older house (1951). There are lots of decorative things we want to do, like paint and crown moulding, and the kitchen and bathrooms can stand to be updated (although the original 1950s tile is in great condition!). But really, it's adorable and we are so happy!

However, the night before we closed on the house, our little black kitten swallowed a straight pin and we were thrown into the panick of getting emergency vet care. All told, we were either driving around or sitting in waiting rooms for 5.5 hours, getting home at 3:30 am only to get back up at 7:30 am to pick him up after the surgery before the emergency vet closed. It was quite an experience... But he is doing very well now!

So... that's why there has been no sewing. I'm also presenting at two conferences this coming month. Life has been CRAZY.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The "Shell'd" Gown: At Last!

They're not the best pictures, but they are pictures!

This print is so awesome for mimicking 18th c "shell'd" prints. Although it looks surprisingly modern, check out these originals:



This type of one color, simple print would have been a nice, cheap fabric for a gown. Nothing fancy here!

Hillary Rizen has been doing some awesome research on 18th century prints. Wm. Booth, Draper is even carrying some of the prints she designed. Burnley and Trowbridge have also been researching and making custom prints heavily inspired from original prints. They are currently out of stock but are expecting more, new prints soon! Stay tuned!

I hope I get another chance to wear this dress and take good, proper pictures of it...

It's lined partly in white linen and partly in checked linen, for added anti-fancy-ness! :)