Monday, July 6, 2015

I Made a Thing: The Kirtle Dirndl

Because of My Stupid Wrist (TM), I've been focusing more on "modern" sewing projects that don't have to be entirely hand sewn. I've made curtains for the kitchen, a maxi dress that I should take pictures of, and now this. I've been very inspired by modern, high fashion dirndls, particularly some made of African fabrics. I had resigned myself to being good and using stash fabric, when I came across this amazing fabric that was grown, woven, and dyed in Mali at Joann of all places. I couldn't resist, and flitted around the store picking up other things to make my dream a reality. Originally, the bodice was going to be made of a navy cotton twill, but I made some cutting boo-boos and now the bodice is made of denim. But I'm actually VERY pleased with the change, as the denim has more depth in color and texture than the twill. So yay, happy accident!

In My Stupid Wrist (TM) news, the cortisone didn't seem to help, so I'm waiting on authorization to have an MRI. Hopefully that will tell us something and my doctor can decide on the next step. I've reached the point where I feel I'm d----d if I do and d----d if I don't, so I may as well start hand sewing a little bit again and be less miserable. It's been a rough month since I got back from my trip home to CA.

 1610961_10205676776972305_5369345259829326340_n 11138505_10205676776932304_8866214387313614120_n 11665718_10205628820573425_7607767554766100222_n 11666205_10205669659394370_7906983306900997422_n 11665514_10205669659554374_1893329969592864117_n


Jodie Davis said...

Love it!I made one years ago from batiks to shoot a TV show at a cuckoo clock factory in the Black Forest. Love how dirdnls fit.
Best wishes for your wrist!

Sarah W said...

Nice! I love dirndler, and as moving to Austria was a decided possibility during the spring (nothing came of it in the end), I researched them a lot, having always wanted one. It's still on my to sew list :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is LOVELY.

I have kept tabs on your wrist saga from afar (sounds creepy, sorry!), but I just had to throw some encouragement your way.

All of your sewing is so spot on... the silhouettes and the fabric choices, and it is just heartbreaking to see you slow down.

If there is one thing I know about God, it's that He is not holding His best for us behind His back playing, "Guess which hand!" I'm praying that He'll make sense of all of this to you, and that healing will come soon!

I had better stop before I start fangirling.
(definitely creepy)


Viva La DIY said...

Lovely details!

Rowenna said...

That is the best thing I've seen in ages! Love!

I'm sorry you continue to struggle with your wrist. If there's one thing I've found it's that your persistence will get you there--and don't take no for an answer. Someone or something will come through!

Elizabeth said...

Love the old/new look! I'm so sorry to hear about your wrist and hope you can find a solution.

La Comtesse du Sud said...

Did you draft this yourself or use a pattern? I've been wanting to make one for awhile now! Love it :)