Saturday, July 2, 2011

UTR Write-Up: Quick and Dirty

Hello everyone!!

I've been meaning to do a write up on the UTR event, but life has been CRAZY since I got home, and I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a week in Hawaii! No rest for the wicked... ;-)

I promise to write more in depth when I get a chance, but in short-- it was amazing!!!! The 33rd kitchen and serving crew (Mike and myself included) worked their tails off, but boy did we have fun doing it. I always enjoy events the most when I have something to do and interpret. But definitely the best part of the weekend was spending time with dear old friends and meeting a TON of awesome LJ friends! I wish we could have spent more time together, girls!

For my first trip to Williamsburg, I was absolutely enchanted with the place. I like to think of it as a historical Disneyland. And I LOVE Disneyland! I would have liked to wander around the city more, but I was (happily) chained to the kitchen for the majority of the weekend.

I came away with good memories and good souvenirs (fabric included!). Hopefully I will get around to writing about it...

Thank you to those of you who introduced yourself to me! I love meeting people who have managed to stumble upon my little place in the blogosphere...

My favorite picture, from Katherine! It just makes me so happy! :D


Gwenyver said...

Those are lovely dresses! I wish I could make it to such an event one day.

Time Traveling in Costume said...

What a great time you had. Now I can't wait to hear about your CW event in Hawaii!

Akissfromthepast said...

great looks!!! i like your blog- old stuff is something that i love.