Friday, July 8, 2011

Home from Hawaii!

My family and I had such a lovely and relaxing time this year, with the added bonus (for me, anyway!) of getting to bring one of my dresses to wear in the 4th of July Parade and the Mission Houses Museum. 

Everyone that I met in the Hawaii Civil War Roundtable was so kind and enthusiastic. The weather was really glorious and I was perfectly cool in my newly adapted teen sheer. My poor bonnet got a little banged up on the plane, though... But I think it's time to re-cover it anyway.

The Mission Houses Museum features a collection of c. 1820 buildings built and used by the Protestant missionaries who were in Hawaii from 1820-1863. No pictures were allowed inside, but we managed to get one sneaky one when our tour guide was in another room. ;-) I think next year, I should definitely have an 1820s dress to wear here!

And so... I'm madly stitching a matelasse petticoat for this weekend's event. It's literally seaside and even in the height of summer gets pretty chilly. 

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