Friday, May 20, 2011

Spanish Rose Ball Gown

My ball gown for next weekend is almost done! It just needs its cotton net tucker, which I am applying now. I also have to whip up a headdress, which will just be roses, black lace, and a tortoise shell comb.

The gown is red-green changeable silk taffeta. The sleeves are cotton organdy and the false chemise is cotton voile. Criss-crossing the bodice is black velvet ribbon. 

I promise that after next weekend I will have gratuitous images of the gown with coiffed hair and picturesque background!


Cassidy said...

How beautiful! I'm so jealous.

Rae said...


Nereida said...

You look so great with your new ball gown!!

Sewings and Goings; Love of Historic and Vintage Fashion said...

Gorgeous,Gorgeous,Gorgeous!! All eyes will be on you at the ball! Can't decide what I like most about it- it's all a blend of beautiful trim and fabric!! Well done!!
- Samantha Jane

Gwenyver said...