Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2018 Plans

It's going to be a busy year...!

*Jane Austen Evening: I'm wearing my embroidered gown!

*Burnley and Trowbridge shift workshop:I'm teaching this one again, so I need to get my handouts in order...

*Burnley and Trowbridge sack gown workshop: I'm assisting Brooke Welborn with this workshop. I can't wait to learn from her! 
*MOH fashion show: I need to make an 1890s skirt to go with the jacket of my bicycling outfit to make a "normal" daywear outfit. I'm one of the organizers for this and providing a lot of garments for it. Need to make sure they're in good repair and wearable!
*Francaise dinner?? I probably don't have time for this but I really want to go... And I have a new sack gown started!

*Agecroft performance: I'm doing a first-person performance and I'm very excited to put my theatrical and creative writing skills to use! I'll need to finish my 1616 bodies, make alterations to 1616 gown, and make a lace ruff and cuffs, bum roll, vizard... And memorize the show!
*Ft Fred: I'll be shopgirl for Burnley and Trowbridge which means I need clothes for 4 days! There's no telling what the weather will be this far in the future... This event is notorious for crazy weather! I'll probably be altering my brown wool gown and making a second wool petticoat.

*CW Garden Party?? It's so expensive but it looks delightful and it's in my backyard...

*Tailored to a New World Conference: try not to lose my mind while running this conference again! My 1616 gown will be wearable for this though, so that's exciting. 
*JA Summer Program at Chapel Hill: I'm giving a lecture at this! There will be a masked ball but I will probably just wear my spangled ball gown and be some sort of flower fairy...

Costume College: 1530s or 40s Tudor gown for the Gala. I doubt I'll have time to make anything else specifically for CoCo, but that's okay! There are lots of things that I can wear.

Corsets and Cravats 1860s Symposium: I'm giving a lecture and teaching two workshops! There are a couple social events in the evenings at which we are encouraged to dress in period clothes, so right now my plan is to make a black Swiss waist and white corsage

After that... I don't know! Which is fine with me! Well, I will probably go to Gettysburg Remembrance Day, but this is quite enough to think about for now! :)


Emma W. said...

Wow! What a busy year! I have only been able to go to one reenactment.
Thanks for the post.

Unknown said...

Excited to have you join us for so many fun things!!

Unknown said...

Hi! Love your blog! My mom and I are currently working on the J. P. Ryan robe a l'anglaise but are having horrible trouble with the sleeves (they keep looking more like leg o' mutton sleeves). The pleats just will not lay flat. We've tried taking fabric out but it still doesn't lay quite right. Any suggestions?

frenchcreavintage said...

Very nice work
I invite you on my blog of old magazines and old french sewing patterns

Paulina said...

Wow! I wish I could sew all those things! Cannot wait to see it!

Mason Soiza said...

Wow you have a busy schedule. Hope everything goes well.

Peter Gale said...

Busy schedule for this year. Can't wait to see all the dresses that you'll be sewing for this year.

ctnbee said...

Indeed, quite busy graphics, but at the end of all this you will be proud of your work Good luck

Junaid Iqbal Mohammed Memon said...

Looking forward to your upcoming dresses. Pretty sure it'll all be great.

Gary B said...

I'm excited to see what will be your upcoming sewed dresses. Good luck!

Sir Jack Brabham said...

You really are a woman of talent. It's not easy to sew clothes. Keep it up, girl!

Dr Christian Farthing said...

Great! Hope to see more of your sewing outfits!

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