Monday, November 21, 2016

Gettysburg Remembrance Day 2016

Emma and I had a fantastic time at Remembrance Day this year. I got to visit and catch up with so many old reenacting friends and meet some lovely new ones. It made me realize how much I miss reenacting... It feels like we never get out to events since we moved to Virginia. We were much more active in Michigan! There are still things to do around here, but it's not the same, at least for me. I miss the camaraderie of being in a unit. 

The weather for the most part was FANTASTIC, so much so that I didn't really bother to finish my paletot. It was wearable but definitely not picture-ready. But almost immediately after the parade ended, the winter squall blew in and it hailed. Yes, hailed. I've never seen weather turn so quickly in my life!

We attended one of the balls and a tea and I had my picture made. I can't begin to tell you just how pleased I am with this tin type. I haven't been able to capture with my phone just how crisp the real image is. And I'm really pleased with my outfit. I try to get tin types made whenever I can because for me it's about the process of creating an image so authentic it could be mistaken for the real thing. I think we got fairly close this time. ;-)

I did finish my black ball gown, but didn't get any good pictures of it. Plus I wasn't happy with how the bertha turned out and have already ordered new lace for it! So it will get pictures and a blog post once that arrives. Here's a peak at the skirt, for now.

Can't wait for next year! 



We took two trips to Needle and Thread... I got some basics like brown and black polished cotton for linings and facings and white cotton sateen for new Regency stays. My big splurge was worsted wool flannel in the most amazing green color for a secret project (sorry!) which was priced almost twice what I like to pay for worsteds but I couldn't pass up that color. It's the same color as the 1840s dress I started, which I need to finish for Agecroft in two weeks! Then I got a pretty striped cotton for probably something Regency and a sheer striped black silk for an 1860s sheer dress.



The Quintessential Clothes Pen said...

Stunning image! You look excellent, of course! :)


Caroline said...

That tin type is fantastic!


Anne said...

I'm so impressed with your tintype! I haven't been able to get dressed up much this year and I've missed it...Samantha I'm always favorably impressed (like really really) with your stuff, and in case you're interested, my thoughts on the accuracy of the tintype are as follows:

Fit: fantastic (as always) but I notice with tintypes that I KNOW immediately are modern, I'm usually clued in by the fit. You've achieved that poured on look with what I can only call wear wrinkles (Not sure what to call them, but the wrinkles you get if it's tight enough but not too tight when you move that flatten out immediately when you move again...?) I've seen in other originals.

Pose: I'm so impressed! You got that very upright look but it looks like you stand that way always and are just very still for the photo. I like your hands and the placement of the parasol. You don't look stiff either, just still.

Expression: I like how you got a bit of a smile in there so you don't look grumpy or too stiff. That might be part of why you look still but not stiff. You look pleasant, but not modern smiley.

Especially liking the bonnet veil!!! That made a super authentic touch because of the type of lace. Everything else can pretty much be copied, but lace tells it's own tale. :D

The only things I noticed if I were to nitpick were: the flowers on your bonnet didn't look quite right (but even so!!! I'm not even sure why, maybe they're completely right and I've just not seen that type? They looked soft to me and I tend to notice crisper looking flowers in pictures.) Also, if you were to crisp up your bonnet bow a bit so it didn't drop at all.

Seriously nitpicky and small things though; I had to look hard at your photo even though I knew it was you! I thought 'is there anything here that would make it so I can tell she wasn't born then?' because I always try to get originals so I'm copying from the real thing. You probably know both those things already, and maybe more I have no clue about.

All this to say I'm super impressed yet again.

-BethT, Sewing Academy

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