Monday, February 22, 2016

Victorian Wednesday Addams

This was an inexpensive and last minute outfit for Teslacon 2015, but it ended up being my favorite outfit of the weekend. It's comfortable and easy to wear (except I definintely need a slip or petticoat underneath since the skirt sticks to any tights I wear) and it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.

I took the aesthetics of Wednesday Addams and tried to interpret them in the late 19th century. The dress is based off of children's dresses from the period. I chose the print wanting something other than solid black, similar to the dark print dress that Christina Ricci wears in Addams Family Values. 

I think I might bring this to Costume College as a spare outfit... I just love wearing it!

And yes, the parasol and glasses are Crimson Peak inspired... 






Anonymous said...

I think it's a very cute outfit and a great idea! You made a nice Wednesday Addams!

Tamara said...

I love the look of this! You executed it perfectly!

Sarah W said...

Lovely version of Wednesday! The clash between a child's style and an adult's figure makes it even more haunting, quite suitable for the character :)

Lenelein said...

Oh, you combined my love for the Victorian times and the Addams! Awesome!

The Quintessential Clothes Pen said...

Fun! And what a perfect setting for your photos!


My Patchwork Katt said...

LOVE the outfit.. then again I don't think I haven't liked anything I have seen of yours :)

PLEASE wear it at Costume College :) - am a huge fan of Wednesday Addams and would love to see it up close.

have a great day and see you at CC.

vintagevisions27 said...

Ah! I love this one! What a fun idea. :)

Draped in Cloudlets said...

This is so absolutely perfect! Love this costume and all the little details ♥

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Emma said...

This is is awesome! I absolutely love the aesthetic and I want ALL OF IT

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