Sunday, December 20, 2015

Catching Up: Teslacon Part 1

So... I didn't get the 1840s dress done for the event last weekend, but that's okay! It will be shiny and new for Costume College, and I'll be all set for the 1840s event NEXT year!

In the meantime, I have a bunch of finished projects that need to be shared! Mostly Teslacon and a couple things I made in October. The theme for Teslacon this year was Wild West, and I was really inspired by Annie Oakley's cute outfits and others like hers. Short skirts, fringe, etc. I came up with "Steampunk vivandiere goes West" as one of my outfits. It's made from teal wool from Burnley and Trowbridge with hand-cut deerskin fringe. The outfit consists of an underskirt, overskirt, Swiss waist, blouse, and jacket. I actually thrifted the blouse because... why not! It was perfect for the outfit and saved me a lot of time. Plus it goes perfectly with a 1940s Western outfit that's been sitting in my closet for a couple years. I was going for an 1860s silhouette, and I think it turned out okay. I cut down an old cage crinoline but I'm not completely happy with the shape. Starting a cage from scratch would have been better but I just didn't have time! This was the first outfit that I could really have fun accessorizing. It just begged for goggles, and for once, goggles seemed totally appropriate! It's very sandy in the West, you know. ;-) I also got an old ammo container and I snagged Michael's hat. Michael Steampunk'd my barrel, which was just awesome and got so many compliments. He's so creative! It really lights up!



Scott B. Lesch said...

Dear Samantha,

This is a wonderful outfit.

The Lady Nerd said...

You come up with the loveliest costume ideas! (Long time lurker/follower, here. :) ) Any plans for Teslacon next year? I'm debating coming up to check it out. (My roommate is part of the band The Gin Rebellion that plays at Teslacon and they rave about it.)

- Briana

Gina said...

Seriously? You are just too adorable for you own good! I love your Steampunk outfit! And that wool...I am drooling! You and your Michael look so very smart together! Job very well done my dear!

OldFashionGirl said...

So adorable! That is such a spunky and well-made outfit! said...

A truly charming couple! The outfit is gorgeous, Samantha! The color is so calm and exquisite at the same time. Are there any more shots? I'd like to see them all!
Melody Giant

Sarah Rachelle said...

Very cool! I love all the details, and you guys look great!

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