Sunday, November 16, 2014


Yesterday I presented my research on a curious Dutch headdress called oorijzer. It was incredibly well received and I will be working on getting the paper published (so no big blog post...). But here's a picture Jenny La Fleur snapped of me during my lecture!

(No, really, there was actually an audience, I swear!)


Now I'm off to another conference this coming weekend to reprise my mourning millinery lecture. I'm very excited to give this one again, especially with the Met exhibit up. Hopefully there will be good questions and conversation as a result!


Anneliese said...

Congratulations on the conferences and (near future) publishing, Samantha, you definitely deserve all of the recognition for your fabulous work!!! I hope we get to hear a little more about this oorijzer soon, but, in the mean time, keep inspiring us! Anneliese :)

Frieda said...

Actually, I'm at W&M and my costume tech professor Tric was talking about the conference. She said that yours was one of the most well researched and enjoyable presentations that she'd seen before, and she's seen quite a few. I wish I could have made it there to see it!

Rowenna said...

Haha, it's how you can tell when there's a really full house--there are people in the front row!

Very cool topic!

Florence said...

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