Thursday, June 12, 2014

1820s Dress and 18th Century Cap!

I've been asked to interpret an 1820s milliner, which meant I needed a dress to wear and goods to interpret with! I'm probably about halfway done with my dress. Needs sleeves, skirt trim, hem, and collar. Then on to the cap, bonnet, and turban for my millinery display. I'll also have a shawl, parasol, fur tippet, muff, veil, kerchiefs, and fabric and lace to try to cover as many accessories as I can. I'd like to print out some fashion plates, too.

And here's a cap I made a few months ago! All of the nice detail pictures of my tiny rolled hems and whipped gathers are on my camera, which is STILL missing. Same fabric as my last cap, but I am much happier with the shape this time around. :)

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