Sunday, February 9, 2014

Felicity Christmas Gown Progress

Things are going well, if slowly, with the Felicity Christmas gown. I just can't stay focused... Plus I started a new job (there might be a post about that soon...), so I'm adjusting to working again after a month off. I also need to finish up my presentation for the millinery conference. Eep!

Here's the petticoat all done. I added a ruffle because it seemed weird without one. I'm already taking the license to make this a sack back, so why not? I'm also adding ("fly") fringe to the edges of the trim as well. That way I don't have to pink them or hem them. Just turn back the raw edge once and stitch the fringe on with just enough stitches to hold it on. 


And here's construction pictures of the back. I've since draped the front bodice lining and am fiddling with it a bit before I cut out the silk pieces. I think the part I'm most nervous about is the skirts, and making them drape nicely over the hoops...


A lot of unseen stitching goes into the back to keep the pleats all neat and tidy. I used spaced backstitches to stitch down the top 4" of the pleats, then a double herringbone stitch horizontally across the pleats at the bottom before the "release". Spaced back stitches on either side of the center back opening keep the silk snug on the lining when the lacing is pulled in to bring the gown closer to the figure.

You can barely see the spaced back stitches on the outside, but they're there doing their job!

And a nice, tidy eyelet.


Gina said...

Ooh ooh ooh!!! This is going to be fabulous! I love the color and the construction so far is most inspirational!!! Can't wait to see more!!!


Kura Carpenter said...

Petticoats need ruffles, so true :p