Monday, January 21, 2013

Shaking Things Up

This costume has a really funny story involving me wearing a pillow case, but I'm a little frantic trying to read 200 pages of homework, so here's some brief commentary and a picture dump. At some point, I decided I wanted a 1480s Florentine gamurra. And then Katie said "Hey, wanna go to a wedding in a castle where the couple are Rennies and will be in fun costumes as well?" Um, YES.

So on top of planning to wear this to my university's Renaissance ball in March, I figured I'd knock this out and wear it to the wedding as well. You may have noticed I called this a costume. Because this isn't an era I do regularly (or, EVER), I just wanted something fun and representative of the era. It's not bad, but it's not meticulously researched, either. I wanted a quick and fun project, and this was the result. I think the camicia sleeves are a little ridiculous, and make the sleeves overall look pretty sloppy. I might try to reduce them for March to make it look a little neater. A giornea is also on the drawing table...

One awesome thing about this costume is that EVERYTHING came from the stash, except for the camicia sleeve fabric and lacing rings. You might recognize the silk damask from my 1560s English fitted gown and the velvet from my RPFS court gown.

There are a couple more photos over at my Livejournal. 


Anonymous said...

This dress is gorgeous! You look so fabulous! :)

Lynn Brooks said...

I love it. I actually prefer the 15th century to the 16th. It looks very pretty on you.