Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well, howdy!

Pretty much overnight, I've hit 201 followers! Yikes! Thanks to Lauren and Lauren M for sharing my bicycling outfit! I'm seriously blown away by the response it's received... For those who asked, I used the Laughing Moon pattern as a base, but did some serious tweaking to the fit to make it more tailored, and draped my own collar. It went together very easily and quickly, and I recommend the pattern!

So hello to all my new readers! I hope you enjoy reading and seeing what I'm working on. You can expect a lot of 18th century things in the next few months while I'm preparing for/working at my internship in the dressmaker's shop at Colonial Williamsburg. Not that I won't try to squeeze in some other eras in there as well... ;-)


Lauren R said...

Your costumes are gorgeous an enviable! You deserve an army of followers!

Lauren said...

Ditto what Lauren says! I love seeing your projects :)

This Way and That said...

Had to smile at the "Howdy" intro.
We say "howdy" around these parts.......short for "how do you?"
I suppose. Great costumes!

143Record said...

Thanks great post.