Monday, June 13, 2011

Sneak Peak at the Pink

This is one of two linen gowns that I whipped up for Under the Redcoat (the other one you can see at my Livejournal!). Since my wardrobe up to now consisted of all wool gowns and jackets, I wanted some lighter-weight items in my arsenal. ;-)

Nothing fancy, since this is meant to be worked it. I will be hauling water, splitting wood, and helping Mistresses Sarah and Emily in the officers' kitchen. No frills here!

In regards to my previous entry, I listened to the voice of reason (aka my fiance) and decided to just fix my current stays. The nice things is, it worked! No more muffin top or side bosom. He also convinced me to set aside the silk gown for a little longer and instead dress up the chintz gown I made last year. After I tried it on, and remembered how much I really do like it, I was convinced. I only wore it for one day at Costume College. I plan on retrimming it with silk organdy and silk ribbon, like this painted silk gown from KCI.

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Kleidung um 1800 said...

I'm always fond of the idea of altering garments - that feels very period! And I do love the pink dress - very often simplicity in a dress is even more appealing and "fancy"! Lovely handsewing!