Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Right Proper Cap

I wanted a new cap for the big Reagan event, one that was made correctly. This means all single layers, finely finished edges, and whipped gathers. The pattern is my own, based on period shapes. I guess you would call this a cap with wings; the ruffle is narrow at the top and widens near my ears and cheeks. It is made of fine linen and sewn with linen thread.

To construct this cap, I cut out all my pieces from the linen and finished each piece separately with a narrow hem. I gathered the crown an then placed it edge to edge with the band. The gathered part of the crown I whipped to the band, but the ungathered bits I slip stitched so the stitches wouldn't be seen. Then came narrow hemming and whip gathering the ruffle. Once it was gathered, each individual gather was whip stitched to the band.

(Speaking of the Reagan event, I will have a post on that soon! Just got home so I'm still unpacking and sorting through things...)



Molly Ella said...

Samantha, I simply love your blog and live journal! I've also seen your lovely creations on sewing academy, you have such talent! I have what may seem a silly question, but, this post just called for it to be asked. I'm venturing into the world of rev war...exciting, I know :) However, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but caps simply never stay in place. They just slide/fling/dive off the back. Perhaps I have a non-cap-compatible head? What is your secret! A certain pattern, pins, elmer's glue? Help! :O

Molly Ella

Samantha said...

thank you so much!! that is hardly a silly question at all :) i normally pin my cap on the top of the band (underneath the bow of my ribbon). when you're doing your hair, you can save an extra section and make a little pincurl on the top of your head to which you can pin your cap. i don't know if this is what they would have done back then, but it helps! some ladies pin their caps to their buns, through the crown, but i don't like my pins showing! i hope you're having fun with rev war! i love it!