Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Gown of the 1560s

RPFS moved the timeline back to Queen E's early reign, because our beautiful and talented actress playing E is so young! That meant a change of character for many people in court, since their previous characters weren't even alive in the 1560s. I also wanted a new gown to reflect the change in time. The fabric is really what inspired me. I knew I wanted to let the fabric speak for itself: a round (closed) skirt, solid sleeves.

The bodice and sleeves I based off of this engraving, primarily, although the sleeve shape appears in many other portraits as well.

And of course, I had to have a French hood! I combined the construction techniques of Sarah Lorraine from Mode Historique and previously held assumptions about French hood construction. Mine consists of a linen coif, velvet and buckram paste or coronet, and velvet hood with shiny metal billaments. It is supposed to be flat on top, but apparently in all the pictures it was off center and got smushed a bit too much. *sigh*

There is still a bit more to do to the gown, like more pearls and crystals on the front of the skirt. I'm also contemplating putting a strip of black velvet down the center of the skirt instead. Not sure yet... Oh yes, and covering the eyelets with thread. But I made this gown and hood in one week and am pretty proud of that!


Lauren Stowell said...

Woman, you baffle me! You say "I'm going to make [insert gown project here]" and then you've either already made in the space of, like, a day, or it's done by the next blog post. And everything you make looks fantastic, with incredible fabrics, and perfect fit! You are magic.

Samantha said...

you are much, much too kind!! i think i'm just insane... yes, that must be it! XD

Reenachronismind said...

^ What she said. XD

You are so talented, my dear, it makes me puke rainbows. XD

Or rather... freshwater pearls and glass beads. And silk. XP

Telmores said...

those of us who like to sew are just a bit insane. who else would go out and hoard fabric and trims, then work like crazy to see what the finished product will look like. Beautiful.

Maggery said...

'Taint natural. ;-) She consorts with faeries, I tell you! She hath been seen dauncing 'round her sewing baskit with the Evill One himself! Burn her!



The Envious Peasant ;-)