Monday, April 25, 2011

And onto the next... 1860s Sheer for a Young Lady

I am taking a week's break from sewing Big Things after the rush of the court gown. Last night I embroidered and assembled my 18th c pin ball. It is awaiting its silk ribbon and then I can take pictures! However, my mind is abuzz with my next project: a sheer dress for the event at Greenfield Village in May. In the heat of summer, one can never have too many sheer dresses! Last year I very much appreciated wearing mine, particularly in that humid Michigan weather.

This year marks my 20th birthday. I am fast leaving young-ladyhood, and must think about leaving young lady styles behind me as far as the 19th c goes. I have had a brief but passionate affair with teen styles of the 1860s. There is little jauntier than the boat necks, short sleeves, and short skirts of children's clothing during this era. Although I started reenacting at 15, I had been focusing on "adult" styles and didn't get to take advantage of my youth to make myself lots of teen style dresses! So now I'm trying to make up for it.

The style for this dress is based off of a handful of extants. It will feature a yoked bodice with a boat neckline, short cap sleeves with a ruffle, and a matching pelerine or fichu (I haven't decided yet). The fabric is a lovely and soft semi-sheer cotton that I snagged for $1.89/yard.


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Eltis said...

Could I ask where you got your fabric? You really got an amazing deal.