Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Year in Review

This year was so incredibly busy, not only with sewing but with conferences and workshops as well. It didn't seem like I made much, but this list has helped prove otherwise, especially when I consider all of the little things like caps and mitts. Those count too! So here is what I did in 2018!

Conferences and Workshops:
*taught a B&T shift workshop
*assisted a B&T sack gown workshop
*planned and hosted our second 17th century clothing workshop featuring Jenny Tiramani and The Tudor Tailor
*spoke at the Jane Austen Summer Program
*spoke and taught at the inaugural Corsets and Cravats mid-19th century conference
*wrote and performed a program on 17th century clothing at Agecroft Hall

Contract Work:
*two sets of clothing to represent Sally Hemings for Monticello's new exhibit
*a silk gown representing Martha Jefferson for Monticello

*white silk Italian gown representing 1787 Eliza Hamilton

Projects for Myself:

*17th century ruff

*1770s jacket (no picture)
*1770s cap 

*black wool mitts (no picture)
*remake of 1616 gown

*tartan 1814 dress

*1820s bonnet

*1860s black evening gown

*16th century Belle gown

*1770s short sack and petticoat

*1770s pelisse

*1815 evening dress

*1676 gown
*1842 dress


Heather said...

Wow, what an amazing year you've had! You are so very talented. Love all these pieces, and what exciting places you've been this year :)

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