Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Review and 2015 Plans

I didn't make nearly as much as I have in previous years, but sewing for other people for a living, plus my ongoing wrist problems, plus buying a house (!!) meant I was often tired. But I the things I did make generally took a lot of time to construct and research. No quick, slap dash projects this year!
I also presented at three academic conferences, taught a class at Costume College, and studied original 17th century artifacts for work. What a year!

2015 should be pretty awesome, although I regret to say that Costume College probably isn't going to happen... Since I live so far away from my family, spending time with them is my top priority. After a year hiatus, we are resuming our family pilgrimage to Hawaii (this will be year 16!). And I will be able to go to faire in CA! That vacation will be about two weeks long, in May, which is just too close to late July/early August... But we'll see. I haven't completely given up hope yet!

Here are my plans for 2015 sewing, if my wrist cooperates, more or less in chronological order:
  • Felicity sack gown finished
  • 1610s silk gown
  • 1560s gown, kirtle, petticoat, smock, and hood
  • 1860s corset 
  • 1860s Swiss waist
  • 1840s undergarments
  • 1840s gown
  • Cotton polonaise finished
  • 1860s outerwear 
  • 1860s wool gown


Heather said...

Wow, you've done some amazing projects this past year! I look forward to seeing the Felicity sack gown. I still have my Felicity doll from when I was little, she sparked my love of all things colonial!

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love this.