Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Riding Habit :)

At long last, the riding habit is revealed! I hope it's not anti-climactic!. It was a LOT of work, even though it looks rather plain. Tailoring is... an entirely different beast from dressmaking! Different techniques, different stitches. Mike and I had a complete mis-communication over something because what he told me to do means two different things to tailors and mantua-makers! I will probably do a separate construction post, although I don't have too many construction pics. They are on my camera, which needs to be recharged (before Costume College, eep!).

I take no credit for the beauty of the fit of my habit. It's all thanks to master tailor Mark Hutter, who used me as an experiment for a new style of riding habit. I didn't mind being a guinea pig at all. :) Mike walked me through construction, which was a good husband-wife exercise in communication. I learned so much during the process, and have an even greater respect for the work he and Mark do. I'll stick to millinery and mantua-making, thanks!

The habit is made from green twilled worsted wool from Burnley and Trowbridge. The silk button hole twist and buttons are from them as well, along with the heavy linen interfacing. The cream silk lining is from Renaissance Fabrics. The hat is only temporary (it's going to become my 17th c hat). After doing all of these button holes, and the thousands I have done at work now, I really enjoy them! I never thought I'd say that!

I'm wearing Nicole's riding shirt, too. I didn't have time to make one before our event, and Nicole recently sold her habit, so I have until she makes a new one to get my own shirt made!

My dear, good Emma took pictures for me on her excellent camera. What good friends I'm blessed with!


Many more imagesbehind the cut


Kleidung um 1800 said...

Amazingly beautiful! A real garment and it shows! I very much enjoyed the photos and the text and am looking forward to hearing more on the construction :)


Anne Elizabeth said...

Great job with the stitching at the edges and with the buttonholes! It seriously looks just like an original. Gorgeous colour, too!

Rubina Scarletti said...

Your hand-stitching blows me away. Beautiful work.

vintagevisions27 said...

This looks great! I have fabric from B&T for two different riding habits that has been sitting in the stash for longer then I would like to admit. I attempted to make the riding jacket in Janet Arnold's book several years ago but as I had to scale the pattern waaaaay up the fit was not good. I've been to scared to cut into my B&T fabrics without having a better idea of what I'm doing. :)

G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Interesting. The jacket looks like it is heavily influenced by 1770s British and French military fashion. Lapels (facings), winged lappets (French) cape collar.

Rowenna said...

Beautiful! I've wanted to make a habit for years, but after doing all the buttonholes for my husband's regimental this winter, I am officially off buttonholes for a while. Will bookmark this to come drool over and be inspired by while I work up my courage to take on another buttonhole project.

Please do post some construction photos--I full confess I would love to learn from them!

Lily said...

So lovely!!! I need major inspiration to finally work on my started riding habit, so I'd love to see any construction pictures/details when you have a chance! :-)

The Quintessential Clothes Pen said...

I think it is lovely. It certainly does fit well, but it is also beautifully constructed. I look forward to seeing more details about the construction.


Rebecca said...

Complete and utter perfection. The details, fit, and construction are incredible - truly inspiring work! And I love the photo composition and poses, too.

My poor, sad pieces of riding habit can only ever dream of looking this good! :-)

Cap'n Bob said...

All it needs is a horse.

Scott B. Lesch said...

That is a lovely outfit. My respects.

Alex Peter said...

So lovely!!! I need major inspiration to finally work on my started riding habit.
Thanks for sharing.

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