Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Early 1780s Dutch Print Italian Gown

This ended up being my favorite gown to wear at Costume College. Comfortable and easy to wear!

The gown is entirely hand sewn using period construction methods and was draped on the body. I wore it with fine muslin wrist ruffles, kerchief, and petticoat, as well as the beautiful silk gauze apron that Emma made for my birthday.




My Patchwork Katt said...

I saw you in this and its even more beautiful in person than the photos can capture..

of course i dont think i have Ever seen you wear anything not beautiful :)

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Unknown said...

Hello! Could you describe the beautiful silk apron a little bit more? I'd love to know about the waist and waistband. Is it on a drawstring or gathered and sewn to a waistband with ties? What is the material the waistband (?) and/ or ties/drawstring is made of? Silk ribbon? Is lace sewn to the edge? And can you post any close-up photos of it? Thank you! This is one of my most favorite gowns and your pleats are wonderful. You look so beautiful!

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