Saturday, November 7, 2015

Costume College 2016 or Bust!

I am very honored to announce that I have received a scholarship to Costume College and will be attending next year! And hopefully teaching, if I figure out what I should teach... (suggestions welcome!). This scholarship is SO helpful and made all the difference in my being able to attend. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

Of course in terms of what to wear, I already have some ideas... :)

1. Felicity--at last! Maybe for the Gala, but I may also wear...
2. 1610s silk gown: we are having a big to-be-announced event at work next June, and I'd like to finally have an elite 1610s gown to wear for that
3. Jane Eyre 1840s black silk gown: to be made from the gazillion yards of $5 black silk taffeta we bought last year! In the book, Jane wears a black silk gown for her first (official) meeting with Rochester. She mentions she changes from a black stuff (wool) gown into a black silk gown for the occasion, her only other gown besides a gray silk that she feels is too nice to wear.
4. Probably something 18th century... I should finish the polonaise jacket I started in the B&T workshop! Although that seems sort of boring... :-P
5. Tightrope walker: for Friday ice cream social, although I may change my mind on this one and save it for Halloween... I'll have to see how these other projects work out!


Gina said...

Oooooooh!!!! I soooo cannot wait to see the 1840s black silk gown!! We need to get our dresses together so they can meet! You are going to look fabulous in yours!! Your other dresses sound wonderful as well!!! And congratulations on being awarded a scholarship! I am thrilled for you!

Cap'n Bob said...

I had no idea such a place existed. What city is it in? How good is their football team? Congrats on the scholarship.

Kataryn Mercer said...

Congrats! I will be attending my first CoCo this year, thanks to the scholarships! If you need a roomie, to share the free nights, let me know. I have already reserved a room and I need to meet people!

Cilean Stirling (Monie Bryan) said...

Costume College is very friendly so I think you all will have a blast and meet loads of people!
If you have issues finding roommies, I am the Chair for that so drop a line to Costume College Roommates and we can make sure you have people!