Monday, January 13, 2014

Blog Post Backlog...

Ughhh... I am about to go CRAZY from all the projects I need to photograph and post about. I am worried about losing all my lovely friends and readers because of not posting enough!

This past weekend was a lovely (belated) 12th Night party which I wore my 1790s jacket to. The jacket, however, is NOT FINISHED because I managed to come down with a flu-like thing that took me out of commission for a good 3 days, and really left me unmotivated to do much sewing. The jacket itself is done, but the under bodice/waistcoat is not. So I'll show you the precious few pictures I had taken of the back until I finish it properly!

There's also the "shel'd" print 18th c gown and discussion about "cheap" cotton prints that has been languishing... I feel like such a terrible blogger!!

Anyway, here's some pictures of me doing 1790s hair, a couple of the jacket pics. My friend Emma also took a few, so I might post those when she shares them, if the jacket doesn't look too horribly unfinished!

Beginnings of 1790s hair: slept all night in tiny (1/2" diameter) curlers, then my sister and I teased the heck out of it.


Then I pinned it back. The bottom 3rd of my hair was left straight and looped up, then pinned under the curls in the back.

Mike and I were both dressed in late 1780s/ early 1790s. We made quite a pair!



My sister came to the party with us because my family was visiting this week. I think she had a good time! She wore my "new" floral print gown that I wore at work a lot, and haven't taken any pictures of... Oi!

My family, being awesome:


Jessica Greyson said...

That looks like so much fun!!! I love your dresses

vintagevisions27 said...

Love seeing all your projects! I don't think you have to worry one bit about loosing followers! :) I feel like I get back logged on taking pictures and creating blog posts too.
I'm curious about how you created your hedgehog updo. How did you roll and pin it up? And is there any kind of padding under the front? I've used a hair rat (lovely term) to create a little height in front for a 1760ish style. I've never tried the hedgehog look but would like to sometime.

Emily's Vintage Visions

Laura Morrigan said...

I love the difference between the first and second pictures, although the first is delightfully mad, the second is very elegant! The dresses are beautiful! I am jealous :)

Samantha said...

emily, i wish i had taken more pictures of the process, but we were really running behind... there is a small oblong pad (fabric stuffed with batting) across the front, but most of the volume is from the curls and teasing. i really just pinned the ends of the hair back away from my face, and smoothed and pinned things as needed. i will need to do this hair again when i finish the jacket properly, so i will definitely do a step by step then!

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