Monday, March 25, 2013

Simple Elegance: Regency Ball Gown

I've had this fabric in my stash for almost 3 years now. But since we never had any real Regency balls to go to, I never got around to making the gown! However, the local Regency ball returned this year to it's original location in Lansing after a stint in South Bend, Indiana.

I of course had a lot more planned for this gown, but it was a rush job so I ran out of time for the finishing touches. Mainly a pointed belt, bands of trim around the skirt, and buttons on the sleeve turn-backs. It doesn't look bad without those things, though (except maybe the buttons) so I wasn't disappointed with the gown. And I hand sewed the entire thing in less than a week... (AND made an Elizabethan headdress by hand in the middle of the week as well, which is another post.)

The fabric is a lightweight silk and metallic brocaded fabric and the sleeves are cotton voile. The turban is a silk/metallic tissue and the gorgeous ostrich plume headband was a gift from Nicole. I felt very elegant with it!

Someday the gown will get its finishing touches... For now, I enjoy its simple elegance.

I call this my "dancing girl from fashion plate" pose. See?



Anneliese said...

Dear Samantha,

Absolutely everything you make is PERFECT! You look so beautiful and I adore both you and your creations! Someday, I hope to sew half as well as you.

Anneliese :)

Suzanne said...

I remember that fabric! Isnt it funny how inspiration can take, what feels like, forever?! Im glad you have made a great project out of it! You look fabulous!

eva´s kleidertruhe said...

Beautiful!! You look fabulous!! I love your dress!

Mademoiselle said...

Congrats, m’dear, I’ve awarded you the « Very Inspiring Blogger » award!


Chelsea said...

I knew I recognized you! I was at the ball, and I should have come over and said hi! Well anyway, beautiful dress, and I loved your turban!

Samantha said...

thank you so much, everyone! i really appreciate your comments!

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Stunning!!! You always look as if you've just stepped out of a fashion plate! Your ballgown is simply elegant :)


Gabriela said...

Ah, this gown is georgeus!
You look wonderful in regency gowns! :)