Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello from Williamsburg!

Now that I've been  in Williamsburg for a couple days, I've finally had time to get some pictures put up! It's been a whirlwind, and I'm still recovering from both travel and the excitement of starting my internship in the Margaret Hunter Shop. Already I've learned so much! And it's just amazing to be around so many beautifully constructed garments. Not to mention, everyone in the shop is incredibly fun to work with. I really am having a blast. Of course I want to make a million new 18th century things!

I'll be trying to get some pictures of the new stays I just finished. But here are some pics of me in the shop, and of the Blackbeard pirate festival in nearby Hampton.

Living in a dream :)

With my roommate Ashley, who volunteers in the shop

 With Mike at the Blackbeard Festival



Scott B. Lesch said...

We spend part of our honeymoon in Williamsburg and we took my daughter there several years ago. She loved it at age 12! I think it was a special event and there were lots of 1st Person activities.
A reenacting gent from Massachusetts moved down there to work a year ago (I think.)It was his dream I remember.

You and your fiance look great! I've always wanted to reenact pirates! Thanks for posting these photos.

Abigail said...

I was just in Williamsburg three weeks ago! I'm sure you'll have a great time there!

Crystal said...

Hi Samantha, welcome to Williamsburg! I work at CW too, in the office/foundation side, my name is Crystal. Hopefully soon I will also be working evenings/weekends in the shops in costume!
I'm sure you are making many new friends, but if you would ever like to meet up, just send me an email! Make sure you get to Yorktown & Jamestowne while you're here, too :-)

Cap'n Bob said...

ABout 50 years ago, as a school boy, I lived in the Williamsburg area and took many a trip there with my family or school. On one school trip we even saw Queen Elizabeth II. I know the place has changed dramatically since I was there, but I thank you for giving me a glimpse of a place I recall fondly.
By the way, your talents and beauty make this a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing.