Sunday, May 8, 2011

Steampunk Bustle Gown

When I heard the Gaslight Gathering was going to be happening in San Diego, I got very excited that finally there was something steampunk in the Southern California area! That being said, I put off my outfit for months and ended up doing another one week sewing fling (started last Friday) to get this outfit done. I'm EXTREMELY pleased with it and love how I feel in it. It got a lot of compliments and we couldn't go a few steps without getting stopped for a few pictures. This is definitely one of the "sexiest" costumes I've ever made (!) and it was an interesting feeling... I think the bustle era does lend itself to a bit more sensuality than, say, the mid-19th century. And nothing is more fun than a jaunty hat!

The dress is a walking ad for Truly Victorian, although I heavily modified the bodice pattern so that it barely resembles the original. This was mainly due to yardage constraints. I had two yards and the pattern called for four! I also had some fitting issues (darn bust to waist ratio!) that I should have taken care of earlier because the TV patterns have a special sizing system that allows you to take that into account. However, my ingenious betrothed suggested I do a stomacher front. Ta-da! Problem solved! The stomacher is sewn to one side of the bodice and pins shut on the other. Skirt and bustle underneath are also TV patterns. I got a lot of "Great bustle!" and "Can I take a picture of the side/back?". But I want an even BIGGER bustle now! Although I think with a fuller and longer skirt in the future, I can have an even larger look.

Not too many "just dress" pictures to show you all the aspects of the dress, but I hope you can get a good idea from these!

ETA: Here's a few more! From "Mr. Muggles"

(Bleh, my skirt is getting smushed by a bush! Ignore that! :P)

Photo from M. Jennings


Costume Diva said...

I love your gown! It fits you beautifully. Did you use TV 101 or TV 108 for your bustle? Just curious, since I'm hoping to make a bustle gown, and love the silhouette your bustle gives.

Katie Lovely said...

I'm really confused by the spoon...

Stephanie Ann said...

I was thinking she was trying to bend it using telekinesis.

Lauren Stowell said...

Stunning! but then everything you do is stunning. /LOVE

Samantha said...

@costume diva: i used the TV101 but the trick is that i cut out the actual bustle portion in the largest possible size, while the rest of the petticoat is in my size. i wanted maximum bustle! this did not create any kind of problem as far as constructing both parts in two (very) different sizes, either! i just had to remember to order the right size boning.

@katie and stephanie ann: yes, i was using teleknesis to bend the spoon! we got to see an awesome magic show and i was very inspired! ;)

@lauren: thank you so much!! :D